Studio Equipment

a sampling of what we use...

Recording Hardware, Software, DSP, etc...

 Preamps: API 3124+, Vintech 473 (a version of Neve 1073 preamps) ...stuff you find in large consoles, FMR Audio RNP


    (2) Shure KSM44

    (7) Shure SM57

    (3) Shure SM81

    (1) Shure Beta 52

    (2) Rode NT1

    (2) AKG C1000

    (1) Sennheiser e609

    (3) Sennheiser MD421

    (2) Apex 460

    and various other mics...

 Recording Software / DAW: Cubase, Pro Tools

 Effects and DSP: Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad DSP card with a boatload of plug-ins including Studer Tape Machine, the Neve and SSL Bundles(, also 1176 and LA-2A compressors, Cambridge EQ, Plate 140, DreamVerb, RealVerb Pro, Pultec Pro Eq, etc...), Stillwell Audio, e-phonic, Tweakbench, Voxengo, Native Instruments, and more...

 Vocal and Sound Manipulation: If we need to fix some pitch, Melodyne Studio 3 (pitch correction and treating sound like putty. great tool for creating harmonies, reworking melodies, and remixing. ...yes, we have a version of autotune as well... )

 Software Instruments and Synths: Native Instruments Komplete (includes Kontakt, Guitar Rig, Massive, Reaktor, Absynth, Battery, Akoustik piano, Elektrik piano, B4 II, FM8, Pro-53), Tweakbench, and various others.

 AD/DA Converters, Audio Interfaces: MOTU 896HD - can record 16 separate channels simultaneously.

 Studio Monitors: Event TR8

 Midi Interfaces and Controllers: M-Audio Midisport 2x2, M-Audio Axiom 49

 The Studio Computer is based on an Intel quard-core i7 CPU, running with a minimum of 4GB RAM. Benchmark-wise, let's say we've already worked on songs with 150tracks and an incredible amount of plug-ins running without a hitch. We're serious about having competent equipment.

 Headphone Amp with individual volumes and good headphones!

Music Gear

...available for your use... AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

 Guitar and Bass Amps: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100W Head (a very flexible amp soncially), Marshall VS100 100W Head, Orange Tiny Terror, Ampeg SVT Classic, and a few others... :)

 Guitar Cabinets: Marshall JCM800 4x12 Cabinet, SVT 8x10, Leslie type 51 (ROTATING SPEAKERS!), Vox 2x12 (open back).

 Guitars: Various Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitars - it varies what we have around. For acoustic guitars, generally there's always a Martin and a Taylor around. Jeremy's Taylor 414 CE gets ends up getting used on over half the projects that come here. There's also a Martin DXME dreadnought which has a pretty neat rounded sound to it.

 Drums: There's is always a house drum kit here if you need it. We also maintain a reasonable libraray of snare drums and cymbals to change things up or improve your overall drum sound if needed. Currently the house kit is a Yamaha Stage Custom with a 20" kick and an Iron Cobra kick pedal (single). Snare Drums: Mapex Black Panther, a custom acrylic, a nice Ludwig, various other unnamed things. :) Cymbals - we generally have a few sets of rides and hats to sift through, and the sets of crashes vary as time goes by.

 Keys: Hammond C-2 Organ with a Leslie type 55 speaker cabinet (ROTATING SPEAKERS!). The C-2 is the same as a B-2, save for the fact it was made to look "nice" in churches. A wondrous instrument! The only difference from a B-3 is the lack of percussion module.

 Percussion Instruments: We keep a pretty rich selection of Shakers, Finger Cymbals, Tambourines, Djembes, etc... Tons of samples. Drums and noise galore. It's good to have variety to find the fitting pieces.