Some of what we can do for you...

First, let's be honest, so much rides on how well prepared you are. That cannot be understated! It will figure into your final cost and satisfaction!

Depending on what you need, you may hire us for any or all of the following. :)

- Recording
- Mixing
- Producing
- Pre-Production (We're more than willing to come out to a band practice and help you prepare and hone your music. It helps us prepare for you too!)
- Co-writing songs
- Editing
- Vocal and Instrumental Pitch-Correction (via Melodyne)
- Providing Studio Musicians for your projects - session drummers, guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, vocalists, etc... We have a great network with reasonable rates.
- Consulting
- Voice-overs
- Mastering - We take all mastering work to trusted mastering engineers and work along-side them. Most studios will never do as good a job as a real dedicated mastering engineer. And remember, mastering is different than mixing in most cases!
- Renting out other locations. Jeremy and his team are able to rent out other studios when it is a fitting choice for the project...or even part of the project. For example, we've have rented various studios to do drums because of a certain room sounds. It just depends what the project needs.

Pricing / Rates

Some Pricing Options!

Generally, I work hourly. I've found this to be the most fair to you and to us. Pay as you go. So if you need to work in stages here and there, it's fine. This also allows the studio and staff to be compensated for the amount of work a project takes. This may be subject to change if the project calls for renting various studios / facilities, since the cost can raise.

Flat rates can be considered for mixing work up to a certain number of revisions. For anything, it's just best to talk about time-line and project needs and we can figure out what's best and fair to each of us! :)

Depending on the size, nature, and details of you project there are also various plans and packages available. If you have an abitious project, we can work out block rates where you can block out the studio exclusively to write and record for periods of time (e.g. week, month) and work with Jeremy to write, produce, record, rerecord, mix, remix... whatever!

Also note, your project can be a multi-studio endeavor. That is something we can manage, such as in the case we want to take care of pianos or drums at particular places, but the rest of the project can be finished up at Viking Camel. There are also the instances you just need someone to mix what you've already recorded. Lots of options.

Contact us for details & free project estimates! There are so many possibilities... Your project is different from someone else's. We're more than willing to help you wrap your head around what your project will look like logistically and price-wise. Most of the time, I just takes a few questions and a short conversation.