Viking Camel Studio is the music workshop of Jeremy Simon. He is an independent producer, recording engineer, and mixing engineer. He writes a lot of his own music and loves to collaborate with others -- that is how Viking Camel came to be.

As a producer, he helps artists do their best and be in their best frame-of mind... to enjoy what they're doing, so it shows in their work. Everyone benefits from that.

Viking Camel is home base, but Jeremy also rents out other studios depending on the needs and sonic vision of the project. If you record your own stuff or have worked in other studios, he is also a mixing engineer for hire!

News December 2014

Hi! Two new Christmas music releases came out this month! First Jeremy Simon's A Mistletoe Trio, full of some rowdy and beautiful renditions of favorite carols.
Find it here on iTunes
Also, we just finished up with Anakai Ney's Christmas EP, Oh Holy Night.
You can find it here on iTunes.

News May 28, 2014

New Shields just released "The Best Defense"! I had the pleasure of getting to both record and mix this one. This was also a multi-studio effort where we went up to Drowning Fish Studios and worked with CJ Blair to use his fantastic drum room. It made all the difference! Take a listen and buy this one! -jeremy

News April 29, 2014

Coahoma Soul just finished up a single here and now you can get a listen to it! What fun this was to work on!

News April 2014

Lots more music posted to listen from the past year or two!

New Shields is almost done their fantastic EP. It's slated to be released sometime around May. Also in progress is Born of Tides, Coahoma Soul, and an Irish folk group Down By the Glenside. Sweet.

Also, take a listen to Silhouette Song's recent release we did!

News December 2013

Jeremy is doing a Chrismas music tour of reinvented tunes! Check out The Evergreens Tour!

News November 2012

Few things...

1. Jeremy's playing an acoustic show on Dec 1 in Audubon, Pa. Indoor and Outdoor family-oriented community event! Details here -->

2. Finishing up Silhouette Song's album. folk n' pop n' such. :)

3. New Taking Motion album in the works. All the new drums were recorded the past few weeks. It sounds stellar.

4. Other projects such as Vetra Miga, Born of Tides, and a Jeremy Simon fokly deal happening... joyous.

5. Undeniably, it's Christmas season. Ya oughta have a listen and maybe pick up a copy of Evergreens...reinvented classics and some's folk and pop and goot. Here are some places to listen: On Spotify -- On iTunes -- On Bandcamp (where it's cheapest).

- jeremy!

News October 2012

Guess what? Taking Motion has a new song out! Take a listen. You can also download it for free from ReverbNation or BandCamp!

News June 2012

We are not taking on new clients at this time. We are still enthusiastic and very involved with the local music community and excited to finish the current projects we have going on in the studio. Going forward if you are interested in working at the studio or with Jeremy anywhere, send us an email and we can see what availability we have. Along with that, we gladly will refer you to other quality facilities and engineers in the area.

News September 2011

The studio will not be taking on any new projects for 2011. This does not mean we are closed or closing. Our current queue of projects will fill out the remainder of the year. If there is a project you are looking to do this year, feel free to hit us up for recommended engineers and studios.
Additionally, special daytime rates have expired.

News April 26, 2011

Now offering weekday day-rates and weekday-daytime rates! Call or mail for details!

News March 28, 2011

First things first! Go to the Listen Section and take a listen to a pile of new songs we just added. It's a selection of projects from 2010 and 2011! You shall find new selections from Jeremy Simon, Oh Rabbit, Jeremy Sayer and the Wounded Allies, and Thank Watson. (If you've been on this page alot, I found the player wasn't updating, so you may need to clear your browser history and cache for the new list to show up.)

In other news there are a few projects on the home stretch that we're really excited to show off when finally completed! In the coming weeks and months you'll be seeing new releases from the likes of Galapaghost, Silhouette Song, Headstone 118, The Last Remark, Everything Dear, and others! A lot bands we work with record as they can, having to balance full-time jobs or schooling in the mix...and well, other life expenses. Many of these guys have been hard at work over the course of a year to make something great!

Beyond that, next time you're in, you'll see we've been building some cool stuff again. ;) Later!

News March 15, 2011

Boy oh boy, there's a video section up! I can't guarantee you'll see much in there.... it's whatever ones clients put together that are super!

Also, well, the listen section will be updated soon. Apparently the bandcamp players at the top aren't always loading... new sampler one the way. A number of lengthy projects are finally finishing up, so we have something to show for the past few months! ;)

Well, that's all for now. More news to follow...

News January 11, 2011

Thank Watson just finished a project which you can take a listen to on their myspace site!

News January 11, 2011

Among other things, we'd like to present the 2010 slide show in the pictures section!

Also let it be known since Christmas, man, things got crazy busy. Here's a sampling of projects in progress or about to start! Jeremy Sayer and The Wounded Allies, Victoria Watts, Headstone, Larry Adam, Galapaghost, and Rivers Monroe! neeeeet. :)

p.s. Just put up some 2010 material in the listen section as well. Not very far along...working on smushing a whole sampler around and getting a hold of a few masters still... might rework the interface some still as well. :)

News December 13, 2010

It's here!! Evergreens is here!

News December 5, 2010

Something really special's been in the works the past two months. I've been primarily been dedicating my time to writing and recording a Christmas album! There are a number of originals in addition to reinventions of a bunch of classics. It'll be released on December 10th. You'll be able to get it at

In addition to that, Anna and I have teamed up with our friends in Calling Out Closer to form somewhat of a super band for a super Christmas mini-tour. :) We have close to 20 songs we'll be performing as one huge Christmas show. Check out the schedule below for the dates... The Evergreen Tour will run December 10-19. We would love to share the time with you!

get music on iTunes

News November 11, 2010

Someone else made a video! Here are some maniacs that have been in lately....Odyssey Plane. :)

News September 5, 2010

The Pottstown Mercury came by this past week and did a little interview and video about the studio! It appears Viking Camel Studio and another local studio, Javboy Records were featured. Take a look at the article and videos here!

News August 23, 2010

I'm not gonna lie; it's hard keeping websites and social networking sites up-to-date and synchonized. It seems (in a way, sadly) that the facebook page is staying more current with news, pictures, videos and all sorts of commentary. You can view that (without even having to login) at

I'll try to keep the site more current, but at the moment the current news is you can look at the facebook page some! I hope this is helpful to you looking into the studio for the first time, and those of you who desire to keep up with us. Eitherway, thanks for visiting and reading!


News June 30, 2010

Calling Out Closer released their recent re-recording they did here of "Suffer Me Gently" for free. You can get it on their BandCamp site:

News June 16, 2010

Some of the sessions while recording a cover of Fireflies by Owl City ...

News June 4, 2010

Some of the crazy happenings from the recent sessions with Calling Out Closer... :-D..

News May 27, 2010

Whew! Alot of going on. Sometimes the facebook page gets updated, and sometimes here. :) A sweet non-project note: We'll be getting a Hammond B2 organ in the next few weeks! Yes the real deal! And of course, another Leslie cabinet. More rotary speaker fun...and well, a real, live and lush organ!

Now some project news...
- We are finishing up Termina's demo this week and will let you know where and when you can hear it...soon as we know. ;)
- Calling Out Closer has posted their single "Breaking Boundaries" for listens. It among some other songs we recently recorded shall be up for sale and such June 22.
- Everything Dear is coming in to do phase two of the album and well, it's gonna be something unique when we're done.
- Silhouette Song has been in the works of reinventing their sound. It's a gorgeous tranformation. It's pretty wild -- They come up from Maryland and their drummer is doing his tracks in Arizona and sending 'em on up. As all the projects going on, it's gonna be great seeing this completed!
- Began pre-production with Headstone. Got some hard rock on the way. This is a fun project since we're scrutinizing all the songs and putting a new spin on and polishing everything!
- Pre-production has begun with Candace Benson and her flavor of pop music.

there's of number of other projects going on, but this is a long enough post! Catch ya later!

News April 10, 2010

We're not sure if this got publicized, but to all bands who participated in Boyertown State Theatre's Battle of the Bands season 1, we're offering a 10% discount on studio time through August 2010!

News April 6, 2010

Congrats to the Boyertown State Theatre's Battle of the Bands (season 1) winner Oh, Rabbit! Their grand prize is a day to record a song here at Viking Camel Studio plus produce a music video with WZAR TV!
We must not forget to mention how great the other two finalists Rocket88 and Termina were! Overall it was a great night and each band had great, unique things about them.

News March 18, 2010

Holy cows, it's a busy month! Maybe some more details later. Just want to post something at least monthly here. hehe. Hello!

News February 19, 2010

Sorry, I meant to post something at the beginning of the month and well, I didn't! ;) Here is a taste of some of the happenings lately:

- Yvonne Hartman's project is finished! She's having two CD release parties: April 17th and May 1st!
- Juniper has just started and finished a swift little EP, as well. Not sure when or where it shall be available yet.
- Everything Dear (Bryn Graybill) is trucking along. And I'm serious about trucking. This guy's playing everything and it's coming out great!
- Mixing some stuff for the boys in Behind the Face. Tis a side-project of theirs that's pretty nifty.
- Been doing a bunch of pre-production Born of Tides.
- Working with Mike Pouch as he's close to completion on "Five Years From Now".
- thas enough for now. ;)

Anyway, those are some words for you to read. Bullet-point lists are only fun for so long. We've also been building some cool handy things to make stuff more efficient or simply sound better. All-around, some fun stuff going on. Catch ya on the later!

News January 29, 2010

It's been a great busy month. A few new projects and a few others finshed up! We just buttoned up the last bits of Yvonne Hartman's album and she should be having a CD release sometime at the end of February. Bryn Graybill from Calling Out Closer just started his Everything Dear project. It's really diverse. Some of the stuff's just intensive and pensive, then there's some unique almost-pop things, and some cool folky stuff with gang vocals. Echoes In Bloom had some time off from school to tie up some loose ends on their demo / EP. Juniper came in to start a new project which is coming out really nicely. A few other random fun projects were in the mix as well. Otherwise, a bunch of pre-production has been going on for numerous projects. All-in-all, it's just been a cool month with a bunch of neat stuff going on. We'll update you more early February!

News January 8, 2010

The new preamps are in and they sound absolutely amazing! The Neve is just absolutely gorgeous with anything we've tried. The API makes drums so full and fat. Micing a kick just as usual yielded a delightful surprise! Both are so incredibly detailed sounding. It's a grand situation. Here are some pictures as the FedEx dude got here and the pres freshly unpacked!

News January 7, 2009

In just a few days we will be getting a bunch of new pre-amps! For those of you who may be interested, we shall have Vintech's version of the Neve 1073 (4 channels) and also 4 channels of API preamp magic! Why is this such great news? Well good new gear is always exciting for us. On top of that, we want all projects here to sound stellar from the get-go by making the sound coming from the microphone (or synth) the best it can be. I could go on, but well, all I'm sayin' is that it's a top-notch upgrade. Something close to the best, wasn't good enough :)

We just want to let you know here at the start of 2010, our passion is by no means dimmed and we are continuing to invest in excellent equipment, our art, and our skills! See you soon!

News December years eve!

Happy New Year! (a few hours early, EST) hehe. ;)

News December 2009...part 2!

This is the last week to take advantage of the end of year specials! So if you wanna buy time ahead for 2010 at 15% off, do it!

Lots of spiff things going on in January 2010. :)

News December 2009...

Well, there are a quite a few things happening. Let's play bullet-point list!
- Stickers are in!!! Yes Viking Camel Studio stickers are here! They're round and awesome! Let us know if you want one or a few. :-D
- Calling Out Closer's CD release party for "The Parallel EP" happens Friday Dec 4th!! It's going to be quite a shebang. They have 4 tracks from the CD posted on their myspace page, so take a listen and decide you wanna head out to the show! (you might see Jeremy on stage for some of their songs!)
- We're finishing Yvonne Hartman / B9-Fate's album. It's been a nice incremental process and the songs have been coming out really well. Quite a few different musicians have been involved on the project and it's made it really fun journey.
- Mixing is in progress for a number of Mike Pouch projects. One for a single he will be releasing in the near future. Also we're mixing some songs for a Pouch Records Christmas compilation album that Jeremy will also be featured on! More on that soon!
- A few new clients and projects are getting under way. Always a great thing!
- Even more "spiffin' up" the studio have been occurring. For those of you who haven't been here in a few months, it'll be a big surprise how much has changed next time you come 'round!
- That's all for now!
- Oh wait! Some people have taken advantage of the specials. You only have a few short weeks left!

News November 2009... part 2!

New pictures posted!

News November 2009...

Friends, we've modernized some content! Woo hoo! :) We just put together a small sampler of this year's projects for your listening enjoyment! Mind you, it's by no means a catalog of everything we've done in 2009, but it's a start. We'll certainly try to put more of these together!

In other news, we took some pictures, but they're not up yet. haha! :-D

Don't forget to take advantage of the specials we have running for the remainder of the year!

News October 2009...part 2 Nov & Dec Specials!!!

Studio time discount specials have been posted in the Services & Pricing section! These are only valid during Nov & Dec 2009, so take a look!
Now's a good time to plan ahead for next year's projects! You'll see why. ;)

November & December 2009 Specials
** Have you considered giving the gift of recording studio time? **

- Special #1 - 15% off any amount of pre-paid studio time purchased before Dec 25, 2009, redeemable after Dec 25, 2009. Payments must be recieved before Dec 25, 2009. Sessions or work do not need to be scheduled at time of payment. A gift certificate can be issued upon request. Must be redeemed within 1 year of purchase.

- Special #2 - 10% off any amount of studio time occuring during Nov or Dec 2009.

- Special #3 - 15% off any scheduled daytime sessions of 4 hour blocks or more. These sessions must occur during Nov or Dec 2009, between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Session time 5pm and after falls under Special #2 rates.

* Offers may not be combined. No other discounts apply.

News October 2009...part 1

there's been quite a lot of remodeling going on over here. we'll have some nice new pictures for you soon! :-D

also, we'll be posting some splendid offers for the holiday season in a few days! yep, nice discounted prices for pre-purchasing blocks of time. so get thinkin'! christmas gifts anyone??? :) perhaps thinking of getting a little project done as a present for friends or family??? more details later this week!!

we'll be posting some highlights from 2009's projects as well. perhaps having newer music than dec 2008 would be a help eh? :)

News September 2009...part 2!

little bit more...
in the coming weeks, we'll be putting up mixes from a selection of 2009's projects. the music samples aren't nearly as current as we want...
also, mixing starts on Mike Pouch's album in a few days! :-D
...while we're at it, it's a few months off, but have you considered buying recording time for someone as a christmas or birthday gift? just puttin' the bug in your ear. ;)

News September 2009!

Some of what's going on this month...
..Mixing Calling Out Closer's "The Parallel EP". Here's their final studio update!
..Tracking more new songs with Yvonne Hartman / B9 Fate. Yvonne keeps crankin out new tunes. Jeremy wishes he could see songs of his to completion as fast!
..Plugging away at Craig Wright's album. It's pretty cool, because there's a life-story theme woven throughout the track listing. :)
..Jeremy Simon album kicks off. Yes one was started a few months back, but we're gonna go at it another angle.
..Born of Tides excellence...
..various other large and small servings...

News August 2009!

Just finished up Echoes In Bloom's new demo. Really unique stuff. That's a good thing!

We're in the last few weeks of getting Calling Out Closer's "The Parallel EP" finished. We're down to strings, vocals, and mixing. It's been a great and wild time with them. They've been making up studio video blogs...which are hilarious, although they don't show most of the hard work we've all been putting in. :)
studio blog #4 [8.10, 8.11, 8.12, 8.13]
studio blog #3, part two [7.26, 7.27, 7.28, 7.30]
studio blog #3, part one [7.26, 7.27, 7.28, 7.30]
studio blog #2 [7.12, 7.13, 7.15, 7.21]
studio blog #1 [7.05, 7.06, 7.07]

Of course, of course there's quite a few other projects happening, plus a few about to start in September!

Oh I almost forgot to mention this -- new computer in!!! Yep Yep, it's a PC with an Intel i7 in it and a staggering 1